Writer Wednesday

Mighty Editor sent back the latest story proofread, so stay tuned for the next title – a retelling of Sleeping Beauty on Silvery Earth as m/m romance. Not much sex, but lots of cats for a very sweet love story! 😉 It’s a fairy tale, so no hard stuff, LOL! Here’s a preview of the cover art (without frame and without lettering)…

I’m writing the short contemporary stories based on the openings I wrote for my online workshop. Two I just keep writing from the assignment, since it was nailed. One I had to rewrite it completely (I wasn’t quite there, so I used a restaurant in Kyoto and rewrote the scene). And the fourth… I’m skipping it for now, since I really don’t know what story could spring from that sentence, LOL!

Anyhow, those are contemporary short stories and they will be published sometimes before Christmas, hopefully. Either with the reprint of other ex-B.G. Hope titles or alone and then in the collection that follows Six Months and Other Love Stories.

I will do a POD version of the contemporary titles when they’re all written. I don’t like thin books, so I’ll probably put them all together. Or maybe not, I don’t know. Today I should receive the proofs for Rajveer and Star Minds Interregnum, so stay tuned for those.

By the way, Createspace now allows direct bank transfer also to Italy, so I’ll finally see those few dollars of the 5 books I’ve sold either on CS itself or its expanded distribution. Very happy I don’t have to wait to reach the 100$ treshold! 🙂

Writerly links! Can you make a living in comics? – applies to writing too, IMHO. Or any other art form, as Colleen herself points out. I don’t make a living yet, but one day… persistance is the only way, I guess! 😉

Kris Rusch on translations… excellent points. I try to avoid translations when I can, but I liked Gaby Hauptmann novels, and since I don’t speak German, I had to read the Italian version. I have no idea if I missed something or not! 😉 And I remember reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide in the late 1990s and wondering how on Earth one could translate Douglas Adams’ crazy prose into Italian… yes, I was reading the original, and I’ve never tried the actual translations!

When I started writing in English, I tried to preserve my “Italian voice”… but then I evolved, as a writer and as a person, so now I think I have a new voice both in English and in Italian! 😉 Except I write in English first now and then, when I can, translate it back into Italian… I wish I could quit DayJob so I could split the days into translation-time and writing-time… 🙂

Have a great week!


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