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So, Japan. If you travel to Japan, you don’t need to bring travel slippers or PJs, since the hotels will give you that – at least in Takayama and Kyoto they had PJs for guests. I sleep with a nightgown, so I didn’t try them.

Takayama hotel PJ on Muse H

Takayama hotel PJ on Muse H

If you’re a smoker, you better stay at home, since it’s forbidden to smoke except in selected areas (meaning no, you’re not allowed to smoke in the streets either).

Food – since I don’t like sushi, I was kind of wary and thought I’d eat only ramen for 9 days. Nope. I actually had ramen only once. I didn’t mind tempura, loved the crabs and I like shrimps. I even had meat and it was good. So the food is fine – I didn’t starve! 🙂

People – they’re all very nice, but their English is mostly non-existent, therefore it’s very frustrating sometimes. Oh, and I dared crossing a street with a red signal (it was green when I started, but I hadn’t noticed it was soon going to turn red) and I got honked and chided (in Japanese) – to which I could only apologize with a bow.

Places – the natural places are at their best with autumn-colored leaves. Those reds, oranges and yellows mixing with various shades of green are beautiful even outside of the Japanese gardens with their maxi-bonsai and carefully crafted fountains, lakes and whatnot.

Buildings – sometimes those pagodas were a little too colorful for my tastes! 😉 I was happy to visit different styles of houses at Shirakawago (rightfully listed as World Heritage site). Unfortunately it was raining and most pictures came out blurred. But it was a nice change of landscape from the castles and temples of Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Nara! 🙂

Public transport – I’ve managed to take the JP (subway) in Tokyo on my own, and it wasn’t too bad. Except the English writings last very shortly, even on trains, so you have to look for them! 🙂 Then I tried the Shinkansen (high-speed trains of Japan) and normal trains. And bus/coach and car with driver since for two nights there was only 3 of us – our lovely guide Aya, Andrea and me.

It was a good taste, but it was enough for me. I’m still sorting through the 1800+ pictures, so maybe I’ll leave that for another post – probably divided into slideshows (food, nature, temples, castles, etc). I guess my love story with Japan is over. I should have visited 10 or 20 years ago…

nextTrip_resize(for whomever is new to this blog, that’s Muse H and me. Follow link to see what he actually looks like – but then I don’t look like that either, LOL!)

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