Writer Wednesday

Before I vanish into offline-land (but don’t worry, there are scheduled posts coming), a recap!

FirebirdDTFWriting! Beautiful is off to betas so I can send it to mighty editor in early November. I’m quite happy with it (of course, it’s the latest baby!) because I’ve put in stuff that I usually don’t mention. Like favorite food and pets.

Publishing! Firebird is now out on all retailers. It’s a Silvery Earth novella, I thought it was time to leave the Star Minds universe for now! 🙂

Draving! S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. 15 is also out as single issue on DriveThruComics. In November you’ll get the Omnibus 3 and the whole graphic novel – the latter also in print, so you might want to wait! Aaand…

100I guess it’s self-esplanatory! 😉 Not sure yet when I’ll publish them, though. And will start working on the alternative ending of Rajveer the Vampire as next drawing project.

Some writerly links to last you for the next two weeks – maybe more! 🙂 Grab your writing planner at Writing World! I used it this year for the first time and it’s great! I jot down daily wordcounts, to-do things, ideas and for 2016 there’s even the submission sheets included!

Dealing with Success by Devyani Borade. Author Earnings… again by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Which brings us to explore Tolino – a reminder there’s not just the US market now. Take me. I sell all over the place. All over the world. And an “old” (last August) post on social media snake oil – or what should you beware when marketing on social media.

Oh, and if you want to support a Kickstarter project, my cover artist and webmaster Silvano has this Dark Steam Tales up for funding… I didn’t do the translations on that one – I’m working on Evo-Z (so if the translation of Evo-Z are clunky you know who to blame)! 😉 Oh, and if you want to read Evo-Z or back up this other project… one day the guy might be working on my project! 😀

I’m going to a non-writing vacation, but to keep you inspired whil I’m away, here’s the last link: 21 quotes to reignite your passion for writing! Me? Don’t need them. I already know I’ll be itching to write the next story when I come back. And that’s why I don’t do NaNoWriMo… I write all year long – not every day, but all year long! 😉

Wishing you a happy week and end of the month… Will be back after Halloween! Have fun! 😀

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