Random Friday

More movies and my “review” of the anthology. Between writing and assignments and life rolls I got to the DVD box-set of the Marigold Hotel movies.

I had already seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” on a plane and then on TV (I rented the DVD when they were still rentable? Can’t remember) and it was great seeing it again. Not that I’m near that age yet, but there is a lot of wisdom there. And all wonderful British actors surrounding poor young Dev Patel who manages not to get crushed! 😉

I hadn’t seen The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” yet, though, so I actually watched that one first, because I was curious. The addition of an American actor still doesn’t crush exhuberant Dev Patel and his on-screen betrothed – although, again, I’m probably the only westerner who recognized the song when Sunaina shows Sonny the rehearsal dance through the webcam.

But I had to look online after the movie to find out it was “Ye ishq haj” from Jab We Met. No Shahid, no Karena and not an item song in this movie, unfortunately. But then, this is not Bollywood, is it? 😉 Well, it’s not Hollywood either. Lollywood? I doubt the British Film Industry would appreciate such a name… 😉

Didn’t have time to watch the extras on any DVD, but I do love both stories. I doubt I’ll retire in India (too hot for my tastes), but one can dream…

As for When the lights go out, I gave star ratings to each story, then divided the total by 24 (excluding my story, of course) and the final rating is… Ta-daaan! 4stars! The favorite stories are: Midnight Summons, Loving Reflections, The Blue Die, Behind the Door, Legends and Lies, Reapers, Beldren and Through the Willow Tree!

Way to go, fellow authors! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Have not seen either one, but maybe I should 😉



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