Writer Wednesday

And the Inkslingers’ Halloween Anthology is out! I didn’t have time to go through all the stories yet – backlog from last week’s lack of internet connection – but surely they’re great. Stay tuned for more authors from the anthology visiting this blog!

And one of them had me over his blog. Go check this interview with yours truly courtesy of writer Rami Ungar! Since I’m starting a vampire series (albeit historical), I guess I’ll be writing more scary stuff from now on! 🙂

blogAnd tomorrow it’s the blogoversary! 6 years! Wow! What an old blog I have – so many have died in the meantime! 😀 I don’t know what to do to celebrate the event, since giveaways didn’t really work until now. So, just sayin’. Here’s to another six years of blogging.

I’m currently coloring SKYBAND 15 – somewhere halfway through it. I’m waiting for a couple of betas for redrafting a couple of stories and am toying with a contemporary title (that would have been published with the discarded pen name), but I’m not too happy with it.

Project block? Yes. So I’m keeping the title and writing something else. Going back to “old” characters and trying to put on paper this period of my life. I’ll leave that other idea for some other time. Stay tuned for “Changes” sometimes before the end of the year (it will be published with Choices and other non-love stories by the discarded pen name).

The workshop assignment was nailed even though I did it in two days for lack of internet access. Obviously the pressure was good! 😉 It’s a good opening of a story, but I have no idea of when I’ll write it, since I’m not really in the mood for contemporary stories (see abandoned project above, LOL)!

Some writerly links. Ebooks are not declining – unless you’re traditionally published, that is! 😉 Maybe you suck by Joe Konrath – he must be sick of whining authors, since it’s the second post that reminds you that this is not a gold rush and it’s a lottery that involves some luck.

I’m in it for the long run, so I’m not giving up. Even though I do feel overwhelmed sometimes, I won’t stop writing and probably won’t stop publishing either.

Craft stuff: 12 Fundamentals of Writing “The Other” (And The Self). I have “made up stuff” with other cultures and other eras, and tried to find readers from that culture (kind of harder to find someone from past eras) to check I got it right…

Some movie “reviews” coming on Friday and then another guest… Have a great week!

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