Random Friday

of movies, ghosts and selfies…

Boyhood – an experiment by Richard Linklater. I mean, who else would take 12 years to shoot a movie, waiting for the protagonist to grow up? It’s a plotless movie, but I was fascinated by the way he did it – no fake aging on this one! Patricia Arquette is sweet (and quite vampiric, for my future books on vampires, LOL), Ethan Hawke grows up on screen almost as much as his screen son and the director’s daughter! 🙂

I liked the other movies he did (as plotless as this one, but somehow magic), namely Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (still haven’t watched the third in the series, Before Midnight), and the fact that he keeps working with the same actors throughout the years.

I hadn’t realized School of Rock is his, but I did know about Scanner Darkly – not my favorite neither in the director nor in the actor’s filmography. Anyhow, I like that he takes time to shoot his movies or films “sequels” or stuff like that.

Ghosts – on Goodreads! I mean, isn’t this creepy or what?

GoodreadsGhostsAh, well… now to more lively persons and technologies – here’s the King of Selfies (or Mr Selfie like it says on the bottle of Coke – the whole writing translates as “With Coca Cola you give a kiss to Mr Selfie”). And mine is not a selfie, since I made it with a camera, not the SIM-less smartphone, and used the good old self-timer with 10seconds delay…

selfiesYes, you are Mr Selfie, dear Muse H! Now, thank God it’s Friday, so everybody have a great weekend! 😀

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