Writer Wednesday

SMInterregnumDTFWaiting for the final proofs from Createspace, then I guess those two titles will go live and appear on Amazon and other retailers soon. And there’s a new ebook out, Star Minds Interregnum, with cover of Mighty Marvelous Maurizio Manzieri. Working on the POD version of that one and Rajveer.

Week 2 of my online workshops and busy translating S.E.T.H. (included in Star Minds Next Generation Diaries) in Italian for a website, hoping to spread the name in my home country as well.

Inking SKYBAND 15. And already itching for going back to writing. I must be addicted! 😉 Or I look forward to applying what I’m learning at the craft workshop! 😀

Will probably start something new soon – but unfortunately the mornings at DayJob are not available anymore, so I’m left with squeezing everything in the afternoons. Will prove that I can find the time to write even when I can’t do the other things in the mornings! 😀

My wordcount has been very low the past two weeks, but I’m sure it will go up again as soon as I start the next story. Found a new beta and hopefully she’ll help me make things better… And of course keep going back to the faithful offline beta, hoping one day I can introduce you to her writing (if she gets out of useless rewriting hell)! 🙂

New Author Earning Report. I still can’t leave the DayJob, but well… eventually! I’m not touching the old stuff and putting out new stuff and keep learning the craft – even though I thought I knew it all! 😉 I’ll probably keep publishing some old stories, but also writing new ones. I’m in the mood for experimenting again, thank God! 😀

Not much else going on… back to doing my assignments and inking and formatting PODs… If you feel so inclined, go to vote your favorite authors at this Readers Choice Awards. Have a great week!


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