Random Friday

Let’s call it “movie Friday”. Kind of, as usual. I have bought two DVDs (while I wait for the ones I got during the summer that should reach me on the 23rd at my offline Writers Group meeting), and managed to watch one. The other I’ll keep for next week, since for one of the online workshops I had to watch a lecture and it’s over 2hours long.

So this is the “kind of” movie I’m going to talk about. I had to stop watching Wednesday night because America woke up and the site was overwhelmed – the videos got stuck and wouldn’t play. Had to finish yesterday after my lunch time which was night on the other side of the pond! 😉

Anyhow, if you’re a writer, wannabe or beginner, you don’t want to miss the lecture on Heilein’s Rules (that’s #1 on the list and it’s well worth it). I’ve been following the first 3 rules long before the internet and learning who Heinlein is – I used to be a one-draft-writer when I didn’t have any readers besides myself – and now I’m trying to follow all of them. Really, if you’re just starting off, go watch that “episodic movie”. You can do it! 🙂

The “real” movie is Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella. In spite of the director’s obsession with 19th century clothes (applied even to Shakespeare plays, sigh!), it’s not a bad movie. More faithful to the original tale than the cartoon (except for the glass slipper, of course) and I loved the fact that CGI animals didn’t talk. I hate talking animals in cartoons, imagine in live action movies!

So, nice costumes, nice special effects and I’ve found my vampire Baldwin (Kaylyn’s husband for whenever the Ink Slingers Halloween Anthology comes out). It helps giving a face to my characters, now I can proceed with Kaylyn’s story since I know what her husband looks like! 🙂 My virtual casts don’t comprise only Da Muses for obvious reasons… 😉

By the way, this weekend I’ll upload the final version for Rajveer the Vampire. Mighty editor sent it back earlier because she couldn’t put it down. Made my day. I hope betas will get their copy and read it before release – and tell me if they like the new ending and then spread the word.

And then I hope other readers will find it and read it! I’ll start sending out queries to reviewers next week… Have a great weekend!

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