Sunday Surprise

I’m out all day, so I’ll leave you with words of wisdom, writers on writing, whatever you want to call them. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Every successful author I’ve ever known still has to treat it as a job. You have to get your butt in the chair and do the work. If you go into it thinking that the muse is going to come whisper in your ear every morning, that’s the kind of nonsense that drives me batty, and it’s just not true. And that’s true for the most commercial writer and the most critically acclaimed writer.
Harlan Coben

Because being creative is about flying in the face of accepted wisdom. It’s about writing what you want to write, in the way that only you can write it. It’s about taking risks and facing down the critics. It’s about using forbidden words and writing about topics that, judging by your appearance, you should know nothing about. It’s about facing down the bigots who say you’ve only attracted readers because your last name implies a certain ethnicity.
Kris Rusch

As kids on a long road trip, we would bounce impatiently in the back seat and ask, “Are we there yet?” The reason we asked was because WE were not in control of the journey. Those who were — the adults who had the maps and the wheel — knew how long it would take to get “there,” so they didn’t have to keep asking. In the journey of writing, WE have the maps and the wheel, but sometimes we forget that WE are the ones in control. And sometimes we forget that, in every journey, we need to stop from time to time and take a look around at where we are. Because on a continuum, there is no “there” — the journey never actually ends. If we’re not enjoying the ride — if we’re not able to be happy where we ARE – chances are, we won’t manage to stay on the road long enough to find out where it can take us.
Moira Allen

Writing: shitty first drafts. Butt in chair. Just do it. You own everything that happened to you. You are going to feel like hell if you never write the stuff that is tugging on the sleeves in your heart — your stories, visions, memories, songs: your truth, your version of things, in your voice. That is really all you have to offer us, and it’s why you were born.
Anne Lamott

So if you find yourself fearing what will happen if you put a book out and it won’t sell, ask yourself what makes you so special to think your first or second or third novel would sell? Were you sprinkled with fairy dust that tells you that you don’t need to learn how to be a professional storyteller? You think you can just write bestselling books like magic?
That fear of a book not selling is just flat silly, folks. And yet that fear stops so many writers from finishing novels. And thus, the fear guarantees the novel will never sell. An unfinished novel seldom does.
So when you discover that is your fear, that the fear is slowing you down or making you rewrite and polish like your poor manuscript is a car that needs a wax job, realize one major thing: You have nothing to lose by finishing and getting the book out there. 
But if you let the fear stop you from finishing, you have lost everything.
Dean Wesley Smith

Without magic, there is no art. Without art, there is no idealism. Without idealism, there is no integrity. Without integrity, there is nothing but production.
Raymond Chandler

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