Creativity Carnival

I couldn’t let this art-cue pass and tomorrow the new one will be out, so… extra post (but usual visitors shouldn’t expect anything else until Sunday!) on a usually post-less day… This is run by very creative Shafali, who also did the cover of my latest ebook.

The Two Faces of Jane

Plain Jane likes simple things, Vain Jane wants beauty, wealth and fame.

Plain Jane is a modest corporate employee, Vain Jane is a sexy bitch who likes to play with men’s hearts.

Plain Jane is like Cinderella, Vain Jane is Snowhite’s stepmother, the beautiful but evil queen.

Plain and Vain wage war in Jane’s head.

Plain Jane has the most exposure in life.

But if Prince Charming walks by, it’s Vain Jane who is going to get him!


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  1. Loved your take on it, Barb. Plain and Vain. Sometimes I wish I were Vain Jane, but I got my Prince Charming any way, so being plain wasn’t so bad. Saw a lot of life, by the way. Thanks for participating…now the Carnival feels more like a Carnival.


  2. Cute!!!!

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  3. I love the poetry aspect. How fun! It is nice to have a little vain Jane in us to put some sassy in plain Jane’s walk.



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