Random Friday

so totally random, we’re going to tackle wigs and hair extensions (the totally fakes one, LOL!)! 😀 That’s because my sister gave me wig-with-extension for my b-day, so here we go.

The first was a 6$ witch-wig bought in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Halloween 1998… I put next to it the hair at the time – waaaay to short, but I had to cut it because it had been burned by a bad perm. To dress as Lady Unicorn I needed long hair, though, so I went to buy a wig with Renee.

WigsFast forward new millenniums and comicons. I wanted to see what I looked like platinum blond, and bought a cosplayer wig at some Torino Comics for 30 or 35euro… hadn’t tried it on until my sister gave me her present! So you have the wig+extension my sis gave me and then that cosplayer wig (my real – now colored – hair in the center)… Maybe my hairdresser is right not to decolor my hair, LOL!

And then there are the extensions… usually bought at open-air markets and used both for parties or for medieval dinners…

ExtensionsThat’s all for today! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I’ve never played with wigs before, but I’ll bet it’s fun and I’ll bet my husband would find it amusing and intriguing, lol. I have done a few colors and am considering doing it again now as my hair grows less colorful. I’d love to do the medieval dress-up, too. Wish we had more festivals out here, and close enough for me to make in less than a full day’s drive.


    • I haven’t either – except on that Halloween. The other two I wore them to try them on only! I have used extensions to make my hair look longer when I went to medieval dinners, though! 😉



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