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Summer is over, yay! Well, at least it’s cooler, finally! 😀 Been writing – back to the Northern Kingdoms of Silvery Earth before the Varian Empire. Some new stories and some “recycled”. Not all the old stories will be rewritten, but a couple are worth a second chance…

So, toying with the “clean” map, trying to place castles and towns that might not be there anymore centuries later. Maybe I should do a slideshow with the “political” evolution of Silvery Earth, LOL!

Anyhow, I might interrupt the current, new short novel – especially since I submitted the first part/chapter to a mag and I have until the end of the month to get that umpteenth rejection letter – to rewrite an old graphic novel (unpublishable, the drawings really suck!!) and sort of tie it to it. I’ve done 3/5 of the new story, but I need to decide a little more background on the characters before I continue, and rewriting the old thing might help!

I’m still not very good at deciding beforehand how characters are. You can check this interesting discussion on how other people do it – a guest post on Joe Konrath’s blog. I’ve tried to use those “character sheet” taken from various places (both writing and screenwriting), but they just don’t work for me. I need to discover the characters while writing them…

But then, I’m signing up for two online workshops in September, so things might change! 🙂 Therefore I better hurry with rewrites, so I can write new stuff with maybe a new style afterward! 😉

By the way, there’s a new title out, but not the official announcement yet, since it’s still missing a buy link… sign up for the publisher’s newsletter be updated. At some point I’ll figure out some way of rewarding you for subscribing, but I’m still working on it…

Since this is the year of experiments, after the pre-order on Rajveer the Vampire (more on that in September as well), I want to try the KDP Select/KELP thingy, after reading Joe Konrath’s numbers. Not because I think I can sell as much as him, but because I want to try with one novel.

Except I don’t know when the next novel will be ready! 😉 Hopefully by the end of the year… or it might be the next. I can give Amazon 3months of exclusivity for an experiment, I guess…

Here’s the ultimate guite do self-publishing and book distribution tools anyway – I will probably still use most of the distributors for the next few titles (most certainly for Star Minds Interregnum and its related tales).

And an interesting take on getting indie books to libraries – which I don’t expect to reach from Italy, but if you’re in the US, you might want that.

Oh, and welcome to the new world of publishing, where writers can have a career even after walking away from a traditional publishing contract. What traditional publishing says it does best is no longer real… Have a great week!

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  1. Yes!!! i start with an idea of a character and then they write themselves and often are not at all like what I wanted them to be *sigh* It makes it hard sometimes, doesn’t it? (Samael was supposed to be the bad guy and Lilith was supposed to be good – see how that worked???)


    • I totally hear you… and those secondary characters that suddenly become very important (Ker-ris of Star Minds comes to mind… he was a secondary character in the original Technological Angel and became co-protagonist, LOL)?! 😉


  2. I used to map out each character and try to follow it exactly, but I soon learned that characters like to develop themselves. More fun anyway.


    • yeah, trying to tame those characters to stick to the plot… useless waste of time! 😉 Let them roam free, I say! 😀



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