Writer Wednesday

And I’m back after a week mostly offline (I used my parents’ tablet every now and then, even using it as wi-fi hotspot for my SIM-less smartphone). I read (2 novels to beta-read + some short stories of an anthology/collection), I translated, I brainstormed – and wrote in my sleep a nice opening paragraph, but waking up I though “Hey, this sounds great! But nah, don’t want to write that story!” so I completely forgot it.

Back to writing this week when I’m not catching up with everything else: re-submitting a rejected short, re-uploading B.G.Hope’s titles with new pen name or new covers on Italian titles, and filling the fridge… yeah, I still need to eat. Bummer. That’s a time waster! 😉

So, since I’m still off DayJob, I make priority lists for every day, but there are things that I keep postponing. Probably for the summer lack of sales, I’ve lost that impulse to publish. Not to write, mind you. Just to publish – 4 to 6 uploads of ebooks and then working on PODs… must be the heat! 😉

Anyhow, I’ll have to wrap up the vampire shorts this week, since I want to submit one to the Ink Slingers Anthology and I’ll leave the other for the offline writers group. It meets at the end of September, but I’m not in a hurry to submit that one. Just in case it get published along with Rajveer the Vampire, LOL!

From September, I’ll try to advertize more – mostly on the publisher’s page – that title. This month I’ll publish a couple of stories of Star Minds Interregnum. Stay tuned. Now to the writerly links.

15 compelling reasons to be a writer. It would be awesome to write to have the Flexible Lifestyle, but mostly I write to Entertain People – or better, myself. And of course I write for the Love of It! I missed it in the past ten days, although I did have computers to borrow to type on, but I wanted to keep working on a story I had started and and and… okay, procrastination kicked in.

The things that matter most – what’s REALLY important? Yeah, figuring that out isn’t easy. Goes well with the Crappy Parts of the Job… but here’s how to always be a passionate writer! Like I said, I’ll never stop writing. I might stop publishing, but that’s another thing. When I get sick of writing blurbs and formatting and uploading, I might just keep everything on my hard drive.

And then come back better! 😉 I still think the vampire historical will be a series of standalone, but I’m not sure how many yet, since I’m still writing and programming them. I won’t write more than one book a year anyway, since I’ll need to research the historical backgrounds, but well… until I have fun… I’ll do it! 😀

Have a great week!

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  1. Great links in this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I write for the dream of it, and the love of reading!


  2. Would love to see more vampires from you 😉


  3. Hi Barb, thanks for linking to 15 compelling reasons to be a writer. It’s much appreciated. And to Vivien Reason for sharing your favorite reasons.



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