Random Friday

Um… some attempt at digital painting… I still suck… And those covers probably won’t sell, but well… I’ll change them when I have some money! 😉 Yes, DayJob pays the bills, but still… I still don’t want to spend too much on single short stories or novellas. I’d rather pay artists for collections or novels.

Now I’m off for a week. You’ll have some silliness to keep you company, don’t worry. Or maybe some wisdom, depends on the point of view! 😉

I’ll be translating Kilig the Sword and trying to read some more – I have two novels to beta-read and I’d like to read something for pleasure for a change. And I’m with Dear Nephew, so I guess some Auntie Duty is due! 😀 If I still find myself iddle or the Muses strike, I might write some more… a story I’ve sent to a magazine that can have a sequel…

I’ll let you know when I’m back online! Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!

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  1. What do you need levels for?! I think it’s quite nice 🙂


    • I haven’t posted it yet, but I have one where I managed to keep 2 levels – the character and the background. When I read on DeviantART that someone has hundreds of Photoshop levels, I simply gape… 😉


  2. I suck at any kind of painting.



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