Random Friday

Still working on the publisher’s page. Still writing new shorts – and redrafting them because the betas are just so awesome that I can’t ignore their suggestions (mostly because they point out something that already looked so-so to me). Still coming up with new ideas and improvements to what is already written and… in spite of the mushy brain and the awful heat, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I even had time for a pencil portrait or two, while I brainstormed with myself what was next. Will send off a story tomorrow, and then work on two more. When I’m happy with those other two, I’ll go back to Rajveer for another pass and adjustments. Things I need to add in after I took out other stuff.

I’ll be re-uploading a former-pen-name title with the new cover this weekend. Stay tuned. This gal has a very personal style and she’s doing wonders. Pity her comic is still only in Italian (and probably French). See if you can tell her covers from mine on the Italian titles! 😉

Have a great weekend!

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