Writer Wednesday

I don’t know on your side of the world, but here it’s veeeery hot. Hasn’t been this hot since 2003. So my brain is kinda mushy, but I managed to wrap up a few projects. Rajveer the Vampire and some Star Minds Interregnum stories.

And I wrote a short story, “recycled” from an old graphic novel, for prompt submission. And I’m waiting for another couple of submissions. So, I might not be publishing, but I’m submitting, therefore I’m waiting for more rejection letters to pile up in my folder! 🙂

This week I want to write two more shorts of the vampires series, one for a publication and the other for the Ink Slinger’s Halloween anthology (which might or might not be the first chapter of book 2). I’m still not sure about the series title, but I guess Vampires Through Centuries will have to do – unless I come up with something better! 🙂

Still working on the publisher’s site (and cleaning up this blog a little – I might make a new header too soon, or maybe not! 😉 I changed the Italian blog because it’s the only actual newsfeed in Italian, but this is still independent from Unicorn Productions) where you might see a new title, but not really the announcement, since D2D support hasn’t come back to me yet.

Anyhow, Star Minds Chasing Stardom is almost out… with the marvelous cover of Mighty Maurizio Manzieri. The book page still misses some links, but well… like I mentioned, I’ll announce new release on UPB from now on – but I really wanted you guys to see this cover (since the blog has 500+ followers and the publisher site none yet).

By the way, nobody answered to my question/giveaway for Rajveer the Vampire… either you still haven’t found the blog post, or you’re too shy, or you think the answers are already given, or… I don’t know. Even if you’re not Indian, I think the answer is pretty obvious – from the book blurb itself, but well…

I’m still willing to give to the first 10 (TEN) people who guess why he has that symbol on his forehead the PDF of the first (UNEDITED) chapter one month and a half before everybody else. For a chance to this sneak-preview, send your answers to barb (at) unicornproductionsbooks (dot) com. Or use the contact form above…

No writerly links, although I have read some writerly wisdom around the blogosphere… Have a great week!


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  1. Will finish it by evening…I am half-way through and it’s all great 🙂


    • really? I’ve made it better? 😀 I’ve started on Daya’s story yesterday… since it’s short, hope to finish a first draft today! 😉


      • Sorry…was so tired that I dropped on the sofa and slept for 4 hours…definitely tomorrow.


        • I slept for only 1 hour, but because I forced myself to get up and go back to the computer… yawn!



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