Cover Art for a Vampire Novel makes the Caricaturist travel into the Past.

Sunday surprise! It’s too hot to improvise, so I’m reblogging Mighty Cover Artist – who did a marvelous job – adding a little-sort-of-kinda giveaway. I really appreciated the way she did Rajveer up to the tiniest details, including that symbol in his forehead. The first 10 (TEN) people who guess why he has it will receive the PDF of the first (UNEDITED) chapter one month and a half before everybody else. For a chance to this sneak-preview, send your answers to barb (at) unicornproductionsbooks (dot) com. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

Shafali's Caricatures, Portraits, and Cartoons

Though this might be news to my Blogging101 co-bloggers, my old friends and visitors know that I own a Time Machine.

It is an old 2052 model TimMaX110, but except for sundry fuel issues, it works just fine. I confess that I bought it online. There were many options – at different price-points; the Chinese was the cheapest, the Made-in-Germany was the most expensive (and the possibly the best), but finally I settled for the Made-in-America TimMaX110. All these models are from the future, so you wouldn’t have heard of them. It should suffice to say that I own a TimMaX, which sputters a bit while revving up, its fuel gauge doesn’t work, once in a while it lands in odd times and places, and while its mileage does burn a hole in my purse, the pickup is so good that it almost leaves the rear-end of the machine behind.

When I…

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  2. Love the cover!!


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