Random Friday

barbDear Hrithik,

since you inspired me a lot in the past couple of years (or more), I thought I’d share, hoping to inspire you…

First of all, thank you for finally giving a face to Kol-ian’s gorgeous brother-in-law Ker-ris Shermac! There is a fleeting mention that he looks like you in Book 3 – Slave Traders. Considering that he was a very secondary character in the original version of Book 1 – Technological Angel, thank you for inspiring me both in Star Minds the Trilogy and its prequel/companion Star Minds Snippets. I even pulled out two snippets about Ker-ris in Mind Control. That was 2012.

2013 – second body switch, Ciaran&Harith. I had a lot of fun writing this. I could see the movie! You’d probably hate Harith, but I could easily write a screenplay for that (besides, the most naughty stuff is on Ciaran). A challenging role (two people in the same body), but well… if I can’t have the movie with my original virtual cast, I don’t want it to be a movie! 😉

WotFcertificate_resize2014 – I won Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future contest with The Hooded Man – a mix between Robin Hood and Zorro in an Indian-like setting (it’s my fantasy world, heavily India-and-Persia-inspired). He’s even called Hrithikesh (but it’s not set in India, I swear, it’s a fantasy world!).

2015 – you can look forward to Rajveer the Vampire, born in Chittorgarh in AD 1274 and turned into a bloodsucker two years before the first jahuar (AD1303) – at the time of beautiful Rani Padmini… And he stays mostly in northern India for most of his long life!

Most of these characters are actually younger than you are now, but who cares? Hope I inspired you as much as you inspired me. Now stop the selfies and go back to work.

And if you’re looking for ideas for Krrish4, I can make you both the good and the bad (and without spending 3hours a day in makeup department) – someone else suggested a very negative role for you, who’s better than Bad Krrish? 😉

p.s. on that topic, your son seems ready to play Krishna’s son in Krrish4… just sayin’! 🙂


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