Random Friday

And the publisher’s page is up! There’s still some work to do, but well… this weekend, I guess I’ll be busy again. Writing, hopefully drawing and completing what I need to complete on the web page – probably “cleaning” this blog as well. Some of those pages up there will simply link to Unicorn Productions page!

And I’ll take off the widget for the newsletter subscription on this blog. I’ll send an email to the two people who signed up so far to tell them to do it again on the publisher’s page. Of course for news and other crazy stuff, you can always come here, but if you’re a reader and you don’t care about things unrelated to my books, you can migrate there and be updated only on new releases or what I’m working on.

I won’t post regularly there, since this year I don’t have a regular publishing schedule. That’s why I haven’t set up anything on Patreon yet either. Too busy with redrafting and expanding and writing new stuff. And submitting, so until I know if stories are accepted or rejected, I can’t publish them. Sigh.

I have mentioned a cover rebranding. The wonderful artist Marta Baroni is working on the second batch (that includes the titles of the discarded pen name), but in the meantime you can see what great job she did with the Italian titles. Unfortunately I’m having trouble on Kobo with a couple of titles, if they don’t solve the issue by the end of the week, I’ll send those two titles via Smashwords.

A special thank to Silvano, who besides being a great artist is also a wonderful web designer! 🙂 And the WordPress software, of course. If I had to study HTML to start a web page, I’d never do it! 😉 Back to work on Rajveer… I already added 6000words and haven’t even started on the new ending… my dear betas won’t recognize it when it comes out! 😀

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Looking good – though I kept getting warnings about “unsafe” connections 😦



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