Writer Wednesday

Sooo, soon this blog won’t be used for publishing announcements anymore, therefore I might reduce the number of posts again. I’ll still ramble on writing on Wednesdays and on other stuff on Fridays, but we’ll see.

I’m falling behind with my set wordcound (does anyone remember my writing challenge? I’m supposed to report every first Wednesday of the month… Seems like I’m doing it every other month…). We’re now six months in and I’ve reached 220k of new words… I’m 30k behind my schedule! I wanted to have 500k of new words by the end of the year, so I better get back to writing, LOL!

Guess I’m spending too much time rewriting. Or researching. Or tending the garden of older titles. I’m having a cover rebranding on the Italian stories – and the contemporary English stories as well. The ones that were previously published under the dismissed pen name (and that mostly didn’t sell anyway). And working on the publisher’s page – which took most of my Monday off.

Anyhow, I have a few writerly links for you this week. The Great Amazon Histeria… Part 31! And then The Real Price of Traditional Publishing. Still looking for an agent? Wake up, it’s the 21st century! And finally Tips for Working with Beta Readers (I’m guilty on many of those points for the latest beta-read… but I’m not like that, usually, LOL!).

Now back to redrafting the Desi vampire – which, by the way, means “Indian from India” (and a few more countries, as specified in the Wikipedia entry above), not to be confused with all the other Indians now scattered throughout the world. But that word will stay in the working title, not the final one. Blame me for watching too many Bollywood movies.

It’s not writerly, but I’ll leave you with the Desi Girl and the Desi Boyz! 😉 Have a great week!

from the movie Dostana (which means “friendship”) and the one below is the title track

Both movies are very funny and highly recommended! 😉

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