Writer Wednesday

What’s new this week? Well, the new title is not ready, so… since Smashwords now allow assetless preorders, I thought I’d start telling you about that Desi vampire I’ve been hinting at for months! 🙂 I still have to rewrite the end, but in the meantime, I set up the preorder button on Smashwords itself.

A “sun clan” warrior can never become a true child of darkness.
In 14th century India, Rajveer, a proud Rajput warrior of a Suryavanshi clan, is turned into a bloodsucker by an ancient Celtic vampire. Immortal, he loses his family to war and time and travels through northern India, seeing history unfold. Threatened by both human wars and evil vampires, can he remain true to his sworn vow not to take human lives?
A vampire’s journey through the centuries.

Rajveer the Vampire will come out on November 1st, All Saints Day (and National Holiday in Italy, but it’s a Sunday this year, sigh). I thought it was fitting, since he is… undead. Although maybe I should have picked November 2, or Commemoration of All Faithful Departed! 🙂 But that’s a Monday, so not good for this year.

Sample chapters will be available after the summer and the price will go up in November when it goes live, but… I’ll keep you posted on this. I was thinking of a special release for this one, so there you have it. A pre-order button. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

Some writerly links: Amazon has changed the Unlimited royalties – I guess it works sort of like Scribd (when I see on Smashwords how much I earn depending on how much the reader read, I cringe). So, really no use in going exclusive with Mighty Zon. Who, by the way, is being investigated by the EU. And here are Hugh Howey’s thoughts about the new KU payout structure.

Slightly related is Kris Rusch’s post on gaming the system. I will soon set up another pre-order button for my non-fiction book, but it won’t tell you how to get rich quick in the ebook market or how to climb Amazon’s charts. I totally agree with Kris when she says:

Who cares, the writers say, whether or not the books get read. One writer even said it’s not normal for people to read the books they download (!).

Every writer should care whether or not people read their work. Back in the days before the internet (when we had to walk uphill in the snow both ways to the library to hunt the wild paper books), writers would sometimes buy their own books by the case to game the bestseller lists.

In that instance, just like in the gaming of Kindle Unlimited, the goal isn’t to gain readers, it’s to hit something important to the writer—like a bestseller list or a certain percentage of a prize pool.

Huh? Why do you write, then? Hopefully those people will vanish soon… I have no idea of my Amazon ranking. And I don’t care. I want to be the best writer I can be. I should probably delegate a few things – even the things we are good at sometimes are time suckers, like Moira Allen says.

I’m off DayJob this week, but the heat and errands are making me lazy… so while I wait for betas to turn in manuscripts, I’m reading, relaxing and waiting for my trip to Turin to work on the Unicorn Productions web page. Have a great week! 🙂

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