Writer Wednesday

I am grateful to the numerous guests I have this month, which spares me from writing posts, LOL! The heat is here, and my brain is all mushy, so I’m happy to let everybody else fill this blog’s schedule.

I’m writing – more Star Minds stories (mostly unrelated to the main characters) and some unrelated sci-fi stories to submit. I hope in July to get back to Silvery Earth – or maybe in August, we’ll see. I have a certain Desi vampire to set free… but I’m still waiting for betas! 🙂

I’m also reading sci-fi – my first panel’s moderator (Chicon 2012), Hugo Winner Mike Resnick! Can’t believe it took me two years to finally read one of his novels! You’ll find it in my end-of-the-year reading post, for sure!

And then I’ll read a non-fiction writing book – I’ve read one in Italian, but it started well and ended meh. Also gave some very iffy information at some point (and even mixes up KDP and KDP Select). Maybe I should write that book for Italian indies.

I’ve also made a first draft for the ESL writers who wanto to try indie, but it’s not a real book yet. When I’m ready, I’ll ask if any of you would like to beta-read non-fiction. No hurry, though, because over here it’s darn hot, so I don’t want to rush anything.

Next week I’m off DayJob and hope to work on the publisher’s page. I hope it will be live by the end of the month, so I can take down a few things here! 😉

Also, no writerly links, except this one. I admit I don’t go to Kindleboards, but sometimes they can be fun!

Leaving you with random vignettes with Da Muse(s)… Have a great week! 😀

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