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Writing… new stuff. Getting rid of B.G. Hope after all. So I’m unpublishing her titles, and will republish them soon with new covers (the ones that aren’t selling) or simply the main pen name (for the body switches – the only sellers). I took down her web page, by the end of the month I hope to have the publisher’s page ready with everything.

Writerly links! Staying sane in a crazy (self-publishing) world, guest post on David Gaughran’s blog. At the right time when I’m getting rid of a pen name for discoverability reasons… I’m in my fifth year of publishing, it’s time to reassess and replan for the future. If only it stopped shifting. It’s not about selling books anymore, in case you missed Joe Konrath’s post. That’s 2014. Sigh.

But then there’s Hugh Howey suggesting a Bookbub for indies. Readers as gatekeepers. Why not. I’m trying to be more of a reader this year, and trying to read more traditionally published books. I’ll let you know how many I did not finish (not which ones, only how many)! 🙂

The truth about writer’s block by David Farland – project block maybe, writer’s block… not so much. And these are not rules of fantasy – or how you can’t please every reader on the planet.

And finally – what’s an independent author? I don’t think you’ll see me to many more public events – I hate them too much – but if you enjoy one of my books, please spread the word, thank you! 🙂 Have a great week!

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  1. I don’t understand “events.” Most of us (artists and writers both) are not extroverts. If I were required to attend an event, I wouldn’t know what to say to anyone who approached me. When a concept is new and fresh, an event may make sense – because curiosity would be high and there won’t be as many people showing off their wares. I wish I could understand it…perhaps it’s more about meeting likeminded people and spending some time in an environment where you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.


    • Yes, that’s how I take it too… spending time with likeminded people or friends. As for meeting readers… I’ve seen lines at French book fairs and comicons, but not in Italy. I guess I should concentrate on foreign events that can turn into vacation time! 😉

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