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So, I went to Carrara Show and was reminded why I had stopped going to comicons or book fairs in the hope of selling my stuff. I couldn’t take it twenty years ago when Expocartoon started in Rome and I had my neat photocopied fanzine, just imagine what it could have been now.

me and Da Cover Artist Cristina Fabris - Day 1

me and Da Cover Artist Cristina Fabris – Day 1

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t sell, but I did meet a few nice people – cover artist Sir Wendigo and husband-and-wife creators of an indie comic – but the rest is totally forgettable. Okay, Saturday there was Leo Ortolani (see below) who was quite upset at the background noise even during his panels, but still…

CarraraShow1_resizeSunday my Italian beta-reader came, so I could sign her copies of my books. And that’s when I met the husband-and-wife team who produce this comic with vampires (he writes, she draws) and she had drawn the fangs “wrong”, so I had a long chat with him about writing and stuff.

But when even Lucio Parrillo couldn’t attract anyone at our table and left early, I thought “Okay, wrong fair to bring books. I should have stayed at home.” Monday morning I went to have a couple of comics signed by the author who had just arrived – yes, no money in, lots of money out, sigh! – and then I asked to go home.


Lack of sleep, waiting for the rest of the gang, watching people pass by without stopping – add some physical stuff and missing the internet… by lunch time I was back and crumbled to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I translated (from Kindle to notebook, since I left Netbook and Laptop at home – and did I mention I have only a Stupid-phone? It’s great as MP3 player, though! But I was offline for 4 days) Saif&Kilig, read my purchases, went out to buy a snack, did some sketches…

translating at the fair - Day 1

translating at the fair – Day 1

And brainstormed. About the Desi vampire. The next generation chasing stardom. The writing I didn’t do. The other things I could have done if I’d stayed at home. And how I’m such an introvert that 48hours constantly with people, albeit friends, completely drained me.

I guess I better stick to my writing cave. Now I’m working on Chasing Stardom, so I have something for the editor next week. The artist should be working on the cover. I’m waiting for betas on the Desi vampire, and already considering an alternative ending.

I’m glad it’s a new world of publishing. I don’t feel the need to do book signings – would be exactly like at the conventions I attended, with or without panels – and I don’t need to become an author-star like the ones I’ve seen around. Have a great week!

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  1. I know you don’t do a lot of tags, but I thought you might like this one – it’s the Love/Hate challenge. (I was tempted to put ten different hot guys for the first half of it, ha ha!)



  2. Y’now, I’m happy you choose to get out of the writing cave this time, sis :-*


    • it was a pleasure to be with you – and Andrea and Cri…! 🙂 It’s the rest that sucked! 😦


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