Writer Wednesday

Did anyone notice this post is late, or is everyone on newsfeeds or whatever? Anyhow, not much on the writing front. The Desi vampire is out to betas and I’m getting ready for Carrara Show. I shall tell you all about it next week, but I’ll probably be offline the whole weekend and until next Tuesday.

I feel relieved that I have permission to leave my old stories in the drawers. I might rewrite what was done as graphic novel, but the rest may rest in peace. My thanks to Writing Guru Dean and his topic of the night. I had more or less gotten it, but now I can’t ignore it anymore! 😉

Another post worth reading is Writing by Committee. That’s one of the reasons I quit screenwriting. I want to keep control of my stories. I don’t want someone else rewrite it because some suit in Hollywood thinks it would sell better if.

And that’s why my editors are mostly proof-readers and I rely on betas for rewrites. I don’t need a “developmental editor”, thank you. I want a reader’s reactions. And that’s what I give when I am requested to beta-read.

You need a trusted first reader who is not a writer. Just a reader. Someone who can be honest with you, and who tells you simply this: Did they like the story? Did they find it compelling? Would they have read to the end if they encountered it in an anthology or bought it off a store rack?

That’s beta-reading to me. That’s what I expect a beta to tell me – along with comments on settings and pacing. I try to give them the most polished manuscript I can write, but there will be grammar mistakes and typos (although my proofreader tells me I send her very clean manuscripts compared to some native writers! 😉 I might have become almost bilingual, but I’m still an ESL writer and reader…). Like in any published book.

I will keep this short. I need to prepare the posts for when I’ll be away and get back to… reading. I must finish the novel I’m currently reading before I leave (I probably won’t mention it, since I’m not loving it, though)! 🙂

Have a great week!

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  1. I always think old stuff is there to fall back to and fix if you hit a dry spell or feel inspired to do so but it’s not mandatory 😉



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