Writer Wednesday

I have completed the Strength Workshop and I’m trying to write a short story while I wait for a couple of research books for the Desi Vampire. I shall definitely go back to those online workshops later in the year, since they are indeed enlightening.

In the meantime, there’s also another bundle of writing books worth catching right now. I’m very much interested in writing about horses since I don’t know a thing about them, and I’m not sure I’ll use Jutoh yet, but well… maybe the coupon won’t expire.

I still have to read last year’s bundles, so I better settle some kind of reading routine for the next few months! One fiction and one non-fiction book a month, that’s my goal! I’ll start in June since I still have a novel to beta-read, but I hope to be done with it by the end of May or before.

Not really writerly, but you need to read this post by Hugh Howey on Christianity and Homosexuality. Nobody could have said it better than he did. And there are great comments as well. And it goes well with Belgian PM getting married to a man! 🙂

Cutlure wars invade science fiction – or how someone his trying to rig the Hugo Awards. I’m still behind with finalists of past editions and won’t be voting this year, so… I’ll let them fire away among themselves. SFWA might have opened to indie and self-published, but I’m still not one of them, so…

Last writerly link – on book designing. I might hire one sooner or later. At the moment I’m already in the red… maybe when the publisher site is up, I’ll add links to those services that I try, since I can’t really do it on my own – not forever! 🙂

Have a great week!

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