Writer Wednesday

And there’s a sale at DriveThruFiction! Apparently May is Science Fiction Month, so check the deals over there. My Star Minds titles are also discounted during that time! (the adult filter is probably on, so you’ll need to log in to see all the results) I also got myself in the Featured Product window – I took a screenshot so you don’t have to wait! 😉

SM2015MaySaleDTFAnother story will come out soon as well, but newest titles are not discounted (in fact SMNG – Kay-low is still full price). Yes, it’s Star Minds month for publishing, so… I’m glad I decided to publish my science fantasy during the science fiction month! 😉

And it’s the first Wednesday of May, so update on writing wordcount. In the first four months of the year I wrote a grand total of 175000words. Should be a novel, but it’s not. It’s 1 short novel (Star Minds Next Generation) + 1 collection (SMNG Diaries) + SMNG Chasing Stardom that account for 150K and another 25K in shorts and novellas I’m not going to publish yet.

The most productive month was January with 60K, the least April – and not only because I had a week off in London. I wrote only 25K because I was busy rewriting and reading and researching. But last week I wrote 11K and I’m still deep in the Desi vampire writing. It will probably become a short novel, instead of a novella – so, longer than the usual pieces under that pen name.

And it’s historical fantasy, so I’m really really wondering if I should drop that pen name. I wish you voted in my poll. I see it moves around when I repost it, so the older posts might look weird to someone coming in late. Anyhow, I’m reposting it here. Please feel free to choose #3, it’s totally anonymous!

Out of 500 blog followers and 250 Facebook fans I can’t believe I have only a couple of votes! Why are you coming to this blog in the first place? 😦 To follow my writerly links? Really?

Okay, go check what Picasso, King and Einstein have to teach entrepreneurs. See at what stage you are as a writer – One or Two or… the rest will come out later. Or, if you’re a reader, go buy one of my books. If you’re a writer, go back to writing and don’t bother coming back here. Apply Einlein rules and stop procrastinating on the internet.

Which reminds me I have a short novel to finish. Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. congrats on being featured!

    for some reason people don’t vote in polls… i think it’s weird. i love them.



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