Random Friday

Last week Larry Elmore was presenting awards. I commented – although I entered the writers section, he presented the illustrations awards, of course – and he was very kind…

LarryWotFI’ve been meaning to send more stories, but I don’t seem to finish one I’m happy with and that I know has a chance like The Hooded Man! 😉 I might also try the illustration contest at some point… Although the affiliation with Scientology does bother me… so we’ll see! 😀

Art Friday, while we’re on the topic! I tried vainly to share this in a post on my author page the whole weekend, and then gave up. Apparently I can’t share it because it has a blocked link, but I have no idea of what it means. Oh, well.

Anyhow, that’s the funny part of the vampire story – and yes, he has a name now. Here’s the serious version of him, before he’s turned. I have made a mock cover for the whole story, so I might eventually post it, but only after I’ve talked with the cover artist about it.

And I’ll repost the poll, since the above story should be under B.G. Hope’s name. Should I or should I not?

Thank you and have a great weekend! 😀


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  1. love the art! On the poll my answer wasn’t there – I’d say go ahead and keep them if the content is vastly different (I haven’t made it to the BG Hope books yet) but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.


    • there are 2 votes now, so yours is there! 🙂 And you will have to read BG’s books, since I’m writing the “sequel” tp Samantha’s Day… 😉 We can talk about that when I send you the manuscript (almost done)! 😀


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