Random Friday

Randomly ending the London break. Met a few nice people – almost the same as last August – and had a few good chats. *waves at Tori and Josie and Alice*

Had my first IMAX experience and… um… I guess I’m too old for that stuff. I couldn’t care less. I’d have happily saved some of those 18Β£. But at least I saw John Wick in theaters, like I hoped to do last October! πŸ˜‰

And I had my first “London by night” experience, since I got out of the cinema at 9pm and Leichester Square was crowded – it was also a Friday night – and the Piccadilly line was crowded and I was just fine. Even the Warwick Street exit of Earl’s Court had a long line of cars – it was a little more deserted in the back streets!

I’m usually back into my room (hotel or B&B) by 8pm (or sundown if it’s winter) whenever I go to London, so it was fun. I admit I asked the hotel, because I had no idea of what I could find. I wouldn’t take the underground in Rome after 8.30pm, so… in “unfamiliar” territory… but I was quickly reassured, and he was right! πŸ™‚

Still have to kill my travel agent for booking me a shitty hotel and forcing me to move to an Ibis (throwing away the price of the other one, since it was pre-paid), but well… shit happens. Now I’m back, it’s spring, and I’d happily sleep all day. Except I have to go to work in the mornings. Sigh.

Weekend formatting and editing ahead… stay tuned for a new title of the Star Minds universe! πŸ˜€

Colorful note: Friday 17 is bad luck in Italy. Actually, it’s #17 that is really bad luck, but coupled with Friday… You get it. (And you won’t find a “room 17” in any Italian hotel either for this reason…)

Have a great weekend!

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