Writer Wednesday

So, I’m back, and April is the month of sleep, so I’m not very bright yet! 😉 But I did manage to get back to writing. I wrote barely 1000words in London, but this week I’ve started on Samantha the witch and the Desi vampire story, and wrote 1400words in one day, with more to come. So I might hit my 10000words goal this time.

And I might end up writing two stories – or maybe one divided into two parts. I’m not sure yet. I’m writing into the dark, but only partially, since I need to deal with historical facts. So in London I spent a lot of time at the library, researching – although last minute searches happen even during the writing.

Not to kill the creative voice, but because when I first pictured a certain scene, I thought about it in daylight, but when I wrote it, it obviously had to be at night, therefore animals available are different. A quick search on nocturnal animals turned a crow in to mice and a pair of foxes, but that’s something I can improvise when I’m writing!

I like writing into the dark – I have very loose outlines, and mostly if there’s history involved to remind myself of key/historical events I want to incorporate. I have no outline for the contemporary story I’ll write after the vampire story – although I started that one too last week, approx.500words, but then I didn’t continue it (will get back to it when I’m done with vampires and witches).

If you’re scared to do it or think it can’t be done, check Dean Wesley Smith’s series on Writing into the Dark – chapter 1 to 6 have come out so far. It will eventually become a book, but you can start reading it right now. The advice is as usual spot on and myth-destructive! 🙂

Five self-publishing trends to know in 2015 – I might try serialization whenever I plan my next novel. At the moment I have only novellas and short stories that I hope to submit to traditional markets or want to write for… fun! Yes, I write what I want to read and for fun.

A few years ago I started a novel and thought I could serialize it and continue it through the readers’ comments, but never really got started with publishing it online (that was before the ebook revolution). I still have it somewhere, so maybe eventually I’ll try that – except at the moment I don’t know how to continue it, and I doubt it has a satisfying ending anyway…

The path to success by Joe Konrath – and don’t forget luck is involved, just in case he didn’t say it often enough. And he repeats the difference between dreams and goals. Have goals, not dreams. You can control goals, not dreams. Dream big, but set realistic goals! 😉

And if you manage to quit your day job, be aware of the hard parts – the gold rush is over. Even when I’ll quit, I know I won’t have any mortgage to pay (it’s done), but there are still unexpected bills or sudden taxes or cover/editing expenses that might show up. I’ll probably stop traveling as well! 😉

Some writers on DevianART answer writerly questions… maybe I should incorporate them in my own interviews (if I haven’t already)! 🙂 Or answer those questions myself… should I do that? If you think so, say it in the comments and I’ll make another post with my answers!

Oh, and I obviously chose the wrong week to get to London… but this year I can be there virtually – for the London Book Fair. We all can! Join IndieReCon 2015 today and until Friday, the online version is free. Only whoever goes in person to the London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Festival has to pay a ticket! 😉

That’s all for today… back to writing! Have a great week! 😀

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  1. Nice post. Interesting about writing in the dark. I can do that in the morning darkness, but not night. I’m just way too tired.


    • I don’t write at night either. It means writing without an outline – improvising! 🙂 How do you write? With long and detailed outlines?


  2. That’s how I always write 😉 I hate outlines, LOL!
    yes, answer qustions!



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