Random Friday

I scheduled the previous post before leaving for London, but I’m writing this one in London – again, scheduling for my comfort, so I can sleep late, LOL! Just kidding. I’ll spare you how it started (not very well), but now I’m calmer, I’m going to the library every day to do my research, and every other day I meet friends – although I almost missed my first meeting on Tuesday because of my lack of smartphone.

I have also found a Bookcrossing Zone in London, it’s a pub, so don’t go there at 10, but they took 4 of my books for bookcrossing, so I was very relieved. I even had a huge hamburger that I couldn’t finish, since I went back there at lunch time. It’s on the side of Waterloo station – the Camel & Artichoke, just in case you happen to be in London.

Another book I left on the train to Reading, put it on a seat and went a couple of coaches forward and then a young black woman passed with it and sat a little further. I almost jumped out of my seat to tell her “hey, I wrote that one, hope you enjoy it!”, but I kept mum. I observed her, but first she toyed with her smartphone, then she read the newspaper and then she probably started on the book, yawned and put it down. But then I had reached my stop – Southall – so I got off. Hope she takes it home and reads it and releases it again!

Another book I left in the waiting room at Southall station – if it doesn’t get destroyed because they think there’s a bomb in a book, that is. I waited until the train came and the two people in the room exited to put it on one of the seats. There was some kind of problem on the way to Heathrow that morning, so the train to go back to Paddington was packed!

Got meself more DVDs, and since the vendor was nicer that the one I went to in 2013 and said he could have more by Friday, I promised him I’d be back on Friday. So this morning I’m back there for a few more titles. And then tonight I’m going to the cinema with my friend to watch John Wick on the big screen. I swear I didn’t know when I booked this trip that the movie would come out so late in the UK (and Ireland), or I’d have waited to buy the DVD! 😉

Tomorrow I’ll be back home and will tell more about the stay – maybe next week. Have a nice weekend!

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