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SMNG Diaries ebook_resizeNEW TITLE OUT! 🙂

Star Minds Next Generation Diaries

The companion of the next generation novel with the story of how Shan-leo lost his arm, the diaries of Mayumi, Wim, Hiro and T’ymi’chel (or the novel seen from other points of view), and then Dadina five years later. Cover story: S.E.T.H. or Izzy-lee’s quest to recover her beloved.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes&Noble, DriveThruFiction, Kobo and Smashwords.

Other news: sent off a story for a contest and finishing the next generation stories (yes, there will be more to come – you haven’t read about Kay-low and Astrid yet! Stay tuned) – and preparing for my week off, when I’ll probably mostly brood and write in London… just kidding, I do have people to meet and places to go. 😉

But April will be B.G. Hope’s month – and I’m taking an online workshop, so I don’t know how that will screw my writing routine. Nobody berated me for not giving my wordcount for February at the beginning of March, so now you get both months in one spot. Or better, the first quarter results: almost 140000 words in 3 months. Most of it was done in January, but I’m still pretty much on schedule. Should be 10000words a week and it’s been 13 weeks, so… I’m doing fine! 🙂

Some writerly links: Harlan Coben on writing. And marketing. And all that other stuff. And do not forget to be creative. Don’t let anyone control you. In the words of Kris Rusch:

Because being creative is about flying in the face of accepted wisdom. It’s about writing what you want to write, in the way that only you can write it. It’s about taking risks and facing down the critics. It’s about using forbidden words and writing about topics that, judging by your appearance, you should know nothing about. It’s about facing down the bigots who say you’ve only attracted readers because your last name implies a certain ethnicity.

And never stop learning. I might be huffing and panting to keep up with publishing changes, but this year I’m also going back to “school” with that online workshop – the first on craft I’m taking in years. So you’ll see less published titles, but my craft will probably improve… I’ll let the readers be the judges! 🙂

Which brings me also to this wonderful blog about the reader/author relationship. Some commenter pointed out it might be the Social Media Generation who treats books like products (and so do traditional publishers, they treat books like produce that spoils, check Dean Wesley Smith’s blog for that!). As for that “cleaning app”… I had read about it and went “pshaw!” *rolls eyes*.

Anyway. “Be excellent to each other” and especially online! 8 reasons why authors are assholes – I’m number 2 mostly, for the few conventions I attend. Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Love, love the cover AND the stories!


  2. That’s a pretty interesting cover. Definitely piques a person’s curiosity 🙂


    • Thank you! I shall hereby reveal a secret: it’s one of Maurizio Manzieri’s stock images – an old illustration – and I wrote the story based on it. So the nameless woman became Izzy-lee, Shan-leo’s ex-girlfriend… For the rest, you’ll have to read S.E.T.H.! 😀

      Liked by 1 person


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