Random Friday

By some blogging serendipity I found two similar posts that got me thinking. One is David Farland’s writing tips on resonance – but that felt to me like trying to write for the market. I’m not writing for the market, I write what I’m passionate about and what I want to read. The tagline for Unicorn Productions is “Books for adults with a youthful mind” or something like that. I’m not going to try to please the younger generations.

Which brings to the second post by Hugh Howey about our evolution. I think he’s right, we don’t think like Victorians and future generations won’t think like us. I’m a Baby Boomer (at least in an Italian book I’ve read about “us” it gives 1945-1965 as dates, so I’m a last minute baby boomer – and even if I’m not, I’m much closer to Baby Boomer thinking than any other generation – be it Generation X, Y/Millennials or whatnot, haha!), and I don’t know how Millennials think – actually, I don’t understand most of humanity, but that’s just me, LOL – and I’m not planning to write for them.

Add to this that dear offline beta told me – after reading my latest Silvery Earth novella – “Did you write this years ago? It shows, you’re so much better now!”… I already mentioned I’ll stop “recycling” old stories, but I’ll keep going back to them for things I don’t care much about at this time in my life, but I’m sure almost everybody else still wants to read about.

Oh, and I’ve lost less than 10 “likes” on Facebook due to their new policy of taking off the inactive accounts (and I had to go through the stats to see the drop), but this blog is having more and more followers – whatever you come here for, you’re welcome and thank you. I’m expecting one of those little WordPress prizes anytime soon now! 🙂

I’ll end this sort-of-writerly rants with Art Friday and point you to the latest portrait of Da Muse H (I’ll use their initial from now on, since I don’t want to put numbers anymore, LOL!)! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. So that’s why I’ve lost likes on fb! Way to go again. I always get a kick out of some beta writers’ comments. I am a Baby Boomer – what a name to be known by.

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