Writer Wednesday

Okay, writing news: Star Minds Next Generation Diaries is almost ready for publication! Waiting for Mighty Editor on the last story (the cover story), then I’ll format and upload. Stay tuned for an announcement sometime next week.

The other stories are also almost done – I have completed a few more short stories and novellas in the Star Minds universe plus three more on Silvery Earth, but I don’t plan on publishing them now. They’re too long to submit them to traditional markets, probably, but I’ll sit on them a little longer.

Also because the website of the publisher is still a WiP, so the less new titles I have up and the less work it will be to update it! I’ll do some cover re-branding for the other two pen names in April as well. And March is almost gone too, at least I can say I’m sticking to my weekly wordcount and I’m on track with that. As for publication… no hurry, right?

Writerly links: to quit or not to quit part 1 – this is Moira Allen’s answer. I’m not quitting anytime soon – not the writing at least. I might quit recycling stories, though! 😉 What was written, was written, and it sucks and it stays where it is, on those handwritten notebooks! 😀

10 inspiring statistics about self-publishing – just in case you’re considering quitting publishing as well. I’m still earning in the 3digits per year, but I’m not complaining. I know these things take time.

And if you need advice on how to keep an even keel on the internet… I’m quite self-disciplined in that, so I can live without those apps (while I might need an online translator or dictionary while I write, instead of browsing those paper doorstoppers)! 🙂

Lots of people talked about beginners last week, be it themselves like Hugh Howey, or more generic beginners, like Kris Rusch… I’m lucky because I started my writing routine in the age of typewriter (yes, I’m that old) when there was no internet distraction, so… Good luck to everyone starting now!

And that’s all for today! Have a great week!

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