Random Friday

An article about Author vs. Writer – on a random Friday because… here’s my own version:

Author is the writer of that one single literary masterpiece that won accolades, while Writer is the professional who lives off his royalties! 😉
I consider myself an author because I not only write, but also draw my own comics and graphic novels every now and then (although drawing is more a hobby/passion, writing is my calling).
So that’s why I consider myself an author. And a writer. And a hobbyist artist. Gee, these labels are confusing, LOL!

Maybe I should just say Creator… Although I already say I’m the Creative Goddess of Silvery Earth. Megalomaniac much? So? 😉 Don’t worry, I’m actually human and are prone so self-doubt every now and then.

And since it’s Friday, I’ll let the artist talk today! Although Da Muses are for the AUTHOR, since they inspire both my writing and my drawing…

Of course I couldn’t do any drawings last weekend (but I will this weekend, mwhahahaha!), but I do have another nasty vignette on Da Muse – because he drives me crazy and can’t even call him Muse #2, because he’s becoming #1, so I’ll have to find another way to differentiate them, gaaah!

Anyhow, here’s the news doing the rounds lately, and my reaction.

naked2I’d rather watch these animated GIFs for the rest of the day (or maybe the full videos) instead of the above… because he’s a man with moves! And when he dances I can’t take my eyes off of him! 😀

The first to hit me on the head is, of course, Dhoom 2. All that video/song’s fault. And I didn’t even see it on a big screen, but on DVD. Laskhya and Krazzy 4 are still on my wishlist – maybe next month I’ll find them in Southall. Guzaarish – that’s the reason why I bought the movie: I saw that bit and said “I want it”. Kites and Luck By Chance – more favorites. Bang Bang is the only one I saw on the big screen. And Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai… well, he was young, but he could already move! 😀

I could add a few more… but I’m going to shut up now. Back to writing! And drawing! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Writer vs author! An interesting one! I call myself both (and I love Creator too, haha! All writers have that megalomaniac streak – we create whole worlds, baby! haha). For me it seems that author has a past tense feel – when my first book was published I felt I could say ‘author’. But writer, for me, has the connotation of someone who still actively writes, slogging away day in, day out! So I guess we’re author-writers!


    • well, I realzied after I posted it that my header says “creator”… so we’re all 3 – writers, authors and world-creators! 😉

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