Writer Wednesday

So, I spent the weekend in Turin, meeting friends and – hear this! – buying a domain for Unicorn Productions! It’s not active yet, but I’m working on it with my webmaster. Sometime later this year I’ll be able to take a few things off this blog, close the Wix site for B.G. Hope and have everything in one place. Like a publisher. Because I’m a micro-publisher, it’s high time I have a real (static) web page!

Do not worry, blog follower, this blog won’t close down. The publisher page is for new releases and the newsletter and everything related to my published titles. This is still my private blog with random musings on everything and nothing. And there’s the (almost dead) Italian blog as well.  So I will still delight you with these useless posts for a few more years – until I have fun doing it, that is! 😉

Since there was much commuting time (by train) and a few dead time, I used it to write. I finished another Silvery Earth novella (and you who are waiting to beta-reading it, have patience, I’m going through it one last time, I will probably send it next weekend instead of the last as I had promised!) and started on the new SMNG story about Astrid and David.

Which brought the third rewrite to another story that I must re-read this weekend to send it off to the editor on Monday – so busy weekend of editing two stories for April publication. And checking those Silvery Earth stories as well, to send them out to betas. And writing Astrid & David. And… I love this job. The writing part, I mean.

Writerly links: a simple way to create suspense and the importance of routines. And don’t forget you never stop learning. Take an online writing course if you can’t afford a trip to anywhere (Utah, Oregon). Don’t think you don’t need it because you only have high concept ideas – if you never sit down to write those high concept stories, when you do, you’ll find out your writing muscle has atrophied.

Have a great week! 🙂

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