Random Friday

As promised, here are the unused covers of the next generation (Jo, don’t drool on the second!). Very quickly done by throwing together different drawings. The only one that might look like the final one is Kay-low’s.

SMNGdiaries4blog_resizeLeft to right: Chibi, Dadina and Shan-leo. Wim and Dadina. Jay-lee and Kay-low. They’d probably end on the Lousy Book Covers blog as they are… (like Technological Angel did…)

I put the red bands to make them similar to the Star Minds Snippets stories (that had blue bands, see?)

SMS4blog_resizebut then, since I won’t publish them separately… and Kay-low is not included in the Diaries anymore… I can toy with it for  another month, LOL!

The final covers for Star Minds Next Generation Diaries and Star Minds Chasing Stardom will be similar to the Star Minds Next Generation cover (same artist)! 🙂

Now back to writing… Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I’m drooling on the second AND the third. *drool*drool*drool*


    • Naughty naughty Jo! (I might have found “Wim” picture on your Pinterest, LOL)! 😀


  2. Loving the artwork 🙂



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