Writer Wednesday

Seems I can’t let go of Star Minds Next Generation – I’m supposed to write something else this month, LOL! I got SMNG Diaries back from the editor and was thinking of publishing parts of it before the full thing comes out sometimes at the end of the month or maybe beginning of April but…

I hate the covers I made – I might post them on Friday as unused covers – and in one instance the piece is too short (it’s not a novella), so… I don’t know. Since I like the cover for Kay-low’s novella, I’ll publish that one on its own, but I’m post-poning since I decided to add another chapter/epilogue and I’ll have to send it for proofreading… It incorporates the final bonus story and a wedding (although not Kay-low’s).

Not to mention the fact that I had another idea for another member of the next generation, so I’m shifting stories around again. Maybe I’ll put Kay-low in another book and leave Diaries for Shan-leo and Dadina only. So many stories to write, so many decisions to make… sigh!

For your information, here’s how European VAT affects sales. This is a screenshot of my Smashwords dashboard – the only two sales so far. It’s the same title, Italian and English version. And yes, it’s a 99cent short story (that’s why I don’t want to put out more of these, not worth the hassle).

european VATAs you can see, the price to the consumer is the same, but my earnings plummet. So even if I keep selling that title on Amazon Italia, I’m not making much (add to that the Kindle policy of 35% royalties on 99cents stories – I earn 20cents for each on Amazon)…

I’ll leave you with the link about the perils of the paperless office – I’m the one who lost a novel to a floppy disk, so I’m very happy Dropbox seems to be working (but I do backup on external drives as well every now and then). And I know at least another writer friend *waves at Nikalee* who lost her writing to an old PC… So, either keep a printed version or backup frequently! 🙂

Have a great week!

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  1. Well I love SMNG so…. 😉

    Wow. Luckily – or unluckily – I don’t sell any books overseas (they love the freebies but they won’t pay for anything ha ha!)


    • get ready for more… probably sometime next month (although you still owe me a beta-read, I’d like to put that story in Diaries, so when you can…)! 😀



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