Random Friday

I almost skipped this one to. Heh. Well, if I get fed up, I can always blog weekly instead of every other day. Just to keep it regular, I mean. With this month I finish the new Happiness Is… anyway, so from April I’ll start from the beginning again. For the second time.

Unless I make the strip a weekly feature. Except I wrote only 44 until now, so it wouldn’t last a year. Besides, some of them are probably personal jokes that nobody but me would get, so… I don’t know when I’ll start publishing them.

But what started for fun will probably become some kind of extra, or behind the scenes, or the author’s life and brainstorming with Da Muses which can be added as special thingy to either newsletter subscribers or at the end of a collectors edition or I don’t know yet. Maybe a Patreon reward. Still working on that.

For now I’ll just give a preview of the last 3 strips – they should be all colored in the final version.

blog_resizeAnd since it’s sort of Art Friday… I did another pencil portrait last weekend. Might do another this weekend, who knows. If I’m not too busy rewriting and editing! 😉

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