Writer Wednesday

The Hero Initiative is over, let’s hope that someone finds my Happiness is… entertaining enough to try the rest… If not, well, just another marketing experiment.

This month it was Kobo’s unexpected royalty payment that covered the electricity bill – unexpected because I never know if and when they’re going to send me the money. I had to wait until I had approx.100CAD$ (around 70euro) the first time, but this time it was less than 35euro and they transferred the money anyway. Maybe they took off the minimum treshold…

The most still comes from Amazon, especially Amazon Italia, in spite of a 99cent bestselling short story. Not enough to pay the upcoming phone bill, though, unless I add the Draft2Digital money that stays on my Paypal account (too low amount to transfer it to my bank account). Sigh.

You might have figured it by now, but this year I’m writing more than publishing. My problem is not writing – I’m sticking to my weekly wordcount without effort – it’s finding betas for everything. Since I’m writing shorter works, sometimes I can submit them at the offline writers group, but it’s once a month, and I’ve written 2 or 3 this month.

Next month I want to submit to them a short story with an upcoming theme, so I can submit it in April, so everything else falls behind. Not that I’m in a hurry to submit or publish those shorter works, but sometimes waiting for feedback is frustrating. I’d publish a lot more if I could find more loyal betas – but I keep losing them to life rolls!

Anyhow, the learning must continue, and I guess it will only improve my writing! 😉 And I’ll start saving on editing expenses (although I plan on redoing some covers) if I publish less… while royalties trickle in so very slowly that sometimes I wonder why I’m still doing it. But I can see the long term thing, even if this year I haven’t really programmed everything I want to write and have only a vague idea for 2016…

But then, I must also train myself to run a business, and that’s going to take some time! 🙂 So, even if I don’t see very far at this time, doesn’t mean I don’t think long term. I’m not going to quit anytime soon. I still enjoy doing my own covers as well as asking other artists to work for me. And I still enjoy writing, and I’m experimenting again.

My latest experiment, a novella, is currently out to betas… we’ll see if it passes the test! 🙂 I also translated one of those shorts to see if I could get more betas among my Italian friends… no, I didn’t, so… I won’t bother again. 4 people had it for a week, and only 1 sent me her feedback. It’s a short story, not a novel. Sigh.

Amazon vs Apple – an interesting comparison. For when I hit that “publish” button again. I’m on both, but Apple sales (via D2D) are minimal for now… That’s all for today! Have a great week! 🙂

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