Random Friday

I wanted to post a preview of the new strip, but it’s really not done yet, so maybe some other time. It was related to last Saturday, which for most of the so-called civilized world was Valentine’s Day or lovers’ day or whatever you want to call it. It never had any meaning for me, so I never bothered celebrating it.

But this year I sort of celebrated it, since I finally managed to get to the post office and retrieve the commission I requested to lovely Mrs Waffle! 🙂

IMG_9333Ain’t it neat? Now it’s on my wall, next to Colleen Doran, Sir Wendigo and a couple more (and there’s room for more… will have to stalk some other artist for an original sketch, LOL)…

IMG_9334See? And I know I don’t really look like that, but it’s close enough! 😉

My Facebook friends must have the default newsfeed of Top Stories, since I got plenty of comments and likes on the latest Happiness is… as if I never post anything else… And that picture is 1) two years old and 2) I had just come out of the hairdresser, which mean 48hours later it was all gone. You can see some of it in the above picture, and it obviously doesn’t look like in that Happiness is…! 😉

I’ll take it to my hairdresser tomorrow, with an idea I got about my next visit… in a couple of weeks. If it works out, I’ll post a picture. Maybe. I’m not very good at selfies, not even with a real camera and not a cell phone (did I mention I only have a stupid-phone?). Ah, well, we’ll see.

One last bit of randomness – 15 things that introverts would never tell you. I hotly subscribe to all of them, but mostly #7 and #8, and not because I’m a writer! But then, that’s probably why I don’t have that many offline friends… Which is fine, really. See #2! 😉 Have a great weekend!


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