Writer Wednesday

Happiness is… is included in this bundle. As they put it on DriveThruComics FB page:

The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.

The We Love Comic Creators Bundle offers over $120 worth of digital comics from Valiant Comics, Top Cow Productions, Inc., ASPEN COMICS, Devil’s Due Publishing, Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd, and more for only $20 with proceeds benefiting the Hero Initiative!

This amazing Bundle will only be available for a week, so don’t delay!

Really, 20 buck and you get tonz of comics! 🙂 Go get it now! 🙂

Some writerly links this week… Are you a happy writer? I’m not complaining, although I’ll be happier when I’ll be able to quit DayJob (or marry one of Da Muses, haha! 😉 Nah, too late for wedding dreams). I look forward to the days I won’t have to “take vacations” from my day job, because I’ll be doing it all year long.

I don’t meet the new SFWA requirements yet either, but what the hell. There’s still plenty of time. Or maybe not. Who cares. Next year I might try to go to the Superstars Writers Conference – or maybe when I’m rid of DayJob, since it’s always hard for me to plan trips in February (so I’ll miss the Anthology Workshop until I manage to quit).

If you’re “new” to writing,  check this post about misinformation and then this post about novel lengths. Having grown up with shorter novels, I was baffled when I started researching guidelines for traditional publishers. Luckily indie publishing came along… now my stories are the length they need to be! 🙂 Which means, by the way, that I won’t write any novel this year – unless one of those stories grows up on me! 😀

So, now, back to practice… I mean, writing. I have a couple of betas comments to ponder and new stories to write and the month is half gone, so… Have a great week! 🙂

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