Random Friday

I’ve kept the parcel delivery guys busy in the past two weeks between my orders on Amazon and the ones on CreateSpace! 😉 And my 90+ neighbor, who gets them all for me (only one was delivered at my parents because he wasn’t home for that specific half hour, LOL) – he’s the one who was immortalized in this Happiness is…

36That’s #36, so yes, it’s from the first year – which you can find in print and trilingual here or as ebook at various retailers like Amazon or DriveThru (but not Apple, because it doesn’t have reflowable text. Doh. It’s a comic, it’s a bunch of JPGs, of course it’s non-reflowable!).

I’ve started my first strip, but you won’t be seeing it anytime soon. I should really try to finish SKYBAND first – but I’m using the strip to procrastinate on that. I’m sick of drawing comics in realistic style, I want to do silly doodles (or chibis or superdeformed or whatever you want to call them, waah!)! 😦

That’s because I’m obsessed with Da Muses, of course. Especially when I get their DVDs in the mail! 😉  I saw Bang Bang in theaters, so I won’t mention it again (although it was a pleasure to watch it again – with simultaneous translation of the subtitles at the beginning for the cover artist who then went back to work and looked up only when I told her to). Needless to say I’ve been humming the songs of the movie since last weekend – can’t get them out of my head, sigh.

As for John Wick, I didn’t see it in theaters, because I didn’t have time when it came out in the US and I’m not going to watch it dubbed over here (I hate his Italian voice, probably because I like the real deal much more, haha). Glad I didn’t see it in theaters, since the action movies are usually too loud in there. And the directors have a tendency to make him scream (like in Street Kings), so… DVD was just fine. And yes, it’s a nice action movie – he’s 50, but still can kick asses! 😉

So, that’s all for today… Have a great weekend!


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