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I’m not very good with cover reveals, so… here it is, the artwork of Mighty Illustrator Maurizio Manzieri who did an awesome job in depicting Shan-leo and Dadina!

SMNGkindleThe black sideline is because I’ll probably have to redo the POD cover – it’s the imported-to-KDP cover from CreateSpace, so I’m guessing the spine is a little too wide. I’ve ordered the proof, so we’ll see later this week. The dead tree version is not available yet, but the ebook is now live on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Apple! 🙂

I struggled a little with Smashwords, so more links (including POD) next week. Also because Draft2Digital announced a new partner, Tolino. So, my dear English-speaking German readers (and I know you’re there, since I sell a few copies here and there on Amazon.DE), soon you will be able to read it too! The main ones are up, though, so check it out!

Star Minds Next Generation

Aristocratic adventurer on a starship called “outlaw”.

Raised as imperial prince, Shan-leo doesn’t miss his former status. At twenty-two, he gets to define his destiny without being forced on a path traced by his family. Following his love for calligraphy, he discovers a black market of stolen manuscripts, which starts the adventure of a lifetime.

The next generation of Star Minds is out in the galaxy.

Now back to working on the companion of this novel, with more stories of the next generation! 😀

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  1. Love the cover!



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