Random Friday

Todya we’re more into the reading randomness. As I mentioned, I want to write out of my comfort zone, so when I found this contest (and since the deadline is so close but it’s a yearly feature I have added it to the bookmarks for future submissions) I tried reading some real SF. Before I start one of those bundles I got last year, I re-read Expedition to Earth, since the dead trees version was already on my shelves and I haven’t re-read it since I bought it approximately 20 years ago.

Now I won’t rate it or anything, I just wanted to comment on the last story, The Sentinel (base for Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odissey that I watched once, hated and swore never to watch again, but that’s just me! 😉 I don’t get Kubrick, that’s all). In there Mr.Clarke postulates that we’d have a base of some sort on the moon by 1996. I daresay this belief stuck up to the early 1970s (anyone remembers Space 1999? I saw it both in Italian and French, LOL) but now? It’s still in the realm of science fiction. Sigh. So many high hopes in the first half of last century and then what happened? Man walked on the moon and then we were too busy with our petty squabbles to try again?

And then I went on Amazon to order my DVDs for the year (although one is still in pre-order, but since John Wick did come out but it’s just the dubbed version, I’ll just wait for the DVD – action movies in theaters are too loud for my tastes anyway) and in the search page (I needed to re-buy a DVD that doesn’t work so well anymore – maybe I watched it too much? 😉 Might be…) I found this comic… I’d have preferred the paper version (especially since I have an old Kindle Keyboard with B&W screen), but then, that’s what Calibre is for! 😉

The story is set between the movies, and the art… meh. Which didn’t stop me from getting both this one and the Constantine (the movie) one, even if I knew I prefer when I draw them, LOL! So now I have two official comics with Da Muses… I better draw one myself, although I’ll probably stick to silly vignettes, throw them all in the Kindle Comic Creator and publish them when I have enough for a decent-sized ebook! 😀

If anyone would like to be interviewed on this blog, or any character would like to be interviewed, contact me ASAP! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I know. The space program kind of just died out. It’s bizarre to me.


    • conspirationists say it’s the aliens who don’t want us out there! 😉 Or maybe is the New World Order who’d rather brainwash us in staying here and work for them… tonz of theories, LOL!
      Which gives us leave to write sci-fi or… Star Minds with a better future for Earth! 😉


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