Random Friday

And it’s Art Friday! Since last Saturday was Hrithik’s birthday, he got his pencil portrait as usual. First of the year, took me less than two hours… It might be his year – or the year he becomes Muse #1 – although when he reaches 15million fans on Facebook I’ll probably bow out.

And John Wick is coming out next week in Italy (if I manage to find it in original version, since I hate dubbing, otherwise I’ll have to get the DVD on Amazon a couple of weeks later). And there are two more movies coming out for him and none for Hrithik, since his next epic will release in 2016, so… I’ll probably keep both muses for another year – even if I turn half a century in approximately 8 months. What? 😉 Only men can have Peter Pan syndrome? 😉

Barb & Da Muses

Barb & Da Muses

I also did a drawing of Kay-low at twenty, when he attempts to become a music star. I had fun with the tattoos and it helped me visualize them. So now I need to re-read and insert more description in his story! 😀 I might use this drawing in a cover – second half of the year. I’m thinking of doing a double feature of two Star Minds Next Generation novellas with similar themes at a lower price…

Busy with the final draft of SMNG before I send it to Mighty Editor, so no time for watching movies… Have a great weekend! 🙂



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  1. looks good!!


  2. Haha! Absolutely, you should keep both the muses.

    I’ve been absent from the blogging world for some time now but I’m back. Hopefully to stick around this time. It’s good to be back on your blog, Barb, in familiar terrain :).



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