Random Friday

The artists responses to the Paris shooting or 23 Heartbreaking Cartoons From Artists Responding To The Charlie Hebdo Shooting to which I would like to add two more from DeviantART – my once cover artist Elephant Wendigo and cartoonist David Ayala. Their drawings say it all, so no more words.

I’m currently wondering which would be best for research purposes for my next experiment, although I know the answers: the lazy way is watching related movies (such as Moon and Sunshine), the real way is to read books in the similar vein to try to write in that genre.

I have both classics such as Ray Bradbury or Rendez Vous With Rama, but also two SFF bundles still on my Kindle… so I will probably try those instead. Just to get in the mood. It’s not completely out of my reach, but a little out of my comfort zone yes. I think it’s called Hard SF and I’m bad with science and technology.

Even if I get in the mood, I know I’ll have to do research on a few basic things. And I wanted to do Astronomy at university! 😉 Except I soon realized it was all maths, and I’m not a maths person, so I gave up even before I finished high school. I wanted to write Hard SF like Asimov and ended up writing fantasy so I could make up stuff without bothering with being realistic, LOL!

So while I ponder which is the next step and wait for betas on Star Minds Next Generation Diaries and re-read Star Minds Next Generation (one last pass before sending it to editor) and keep reassessing this year’s goals… I’ll just wish you a wonderful weekend! 😉 Maybe next Friday I’ll have something to show for this weekend’s work and it might be the first Art Friday of the new year…

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