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KiligNovel_resizeAnd we have the first published title of the new year – and since it’s in English, I didn’t really bother with EU VAT. Like they say here, e-book prices are still stable, but the authors/publishers will take a hit, earning less for each title… Next weekend I’ll have to work on my Italian titles pricing since Amazon kindly informed me that the 4% VAT is only on e-books with ISBNs. I should have known, the law was pushed by the people who issue Italian ISBNs… but to me a book is a book even without an ISBN – especially an e-book! 😦

So unless I manage to take all those Italian readers away from Amazon, I’m going to earn less on Amazon this year, since I don’t want to buy ISBNs for the mobi files only. They’re quite expensive and not really worth it – so 20th century like a friend of mine says! They might go the way of the dodo sometime in the near future, so I won’t bother. I guess living off my royalties just got postponed, since half of my earnings last year was from Amazon Italia. Sigh.

Anyhow, as promised, here’s the whole and full story of Kilig the Sword, with a bonus novella on a secondary character that shows up in Kilig&Hakeem (I changed the cover on this one and put one of mine – less nice, but it will have to do, otherwise it’s too similar to the novel version). The cover is the one by Cinzia Di Felice, and the POD version is actually the best. I’m waiting for the final proof, and then you’ll see both versions. In the meantime, the e-book is available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords and DriveThruFiction! 🙂 For all those M/M romance lovers out there, especially if the HEA is not a must! 😉

A few links to start the year: How to Master (and Survive) a Career as a Solo Writer! by Jennifer Brown Banks. As you might know, I’m married to Mr Writing and have Da Muses constantly giving me new ideas for new stories, but… the reality is, I’m on my own. I have very few people cheering me on so I must be really stubborn to keep doing it! 😉

Two more articles on the new world of publishing by Dean Wesley Smith: Control and Getting knocked off a goal. Have you made your goals yet? I did, but I’m not making them public at this time. January is still the month of assessing and programming, so I won’t be ready for another week or so! 😉

But since I set wordcount goals, I will report my monthly wordcount on the 1st Wednesday of each month on this very blog. So, from February I’ll let you know how many new words I’ve written, and how much translations I’ve done, since I mentioned I plan on having translations both ways this year.

Kris Rusch is back with her business posts, so keep an eye on her blog. Lost of wisdom there! 😉 Also check Mark Coker’s Smashwords year in review and plans for 2015. Happy writing year, everyone! 🙂

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