Random Friday

So, between unmissable family gatherings, writing, programming the new year and checking results of the finishing year, I finally had time to watch a few movies.

First was Inkaar (2013) with Arjun Rampal & Chitrangada Singh – I had seen her in Desi Boyz and I am following him since he’s second after Muse #2 on my Bollywood list, so I got meself a few of his movies. Loved the soundtrack, and liked the movie – again, Arjun doesn’t dance (just once I saw him dance and can’t remember the title of the movie, LOL!), but he can kiss on screen, so… Go, Arjun! 😉 Both looked great in this story, and I had to wonder until the end who was telling the truth… but it’s not a mystery, just a love story gone wrong.

To continue with the same guy, I watched Chakravyuh as well – although I don’t like him with a moustache (same with someone else, LOL). Heh. Tastes are subjective! 😉 And there was also Abhay Deol, again called Kabir like in Zindagi… and playing the sort-of-crazy best friend. Anyway, tragic bromance with some kind of moral that unfortunately doesn’t apply only to India, but I won’t spoiler you, in case you want to watch it.

While writing SMNG Diaries I did a search that brought me to this site of Chinese oroscope. Just for fun, I tried matching myself with Da Muses and was shocked to find out I have 90% compatibility with someone who is almost 10 years younger than me and only 80% with someone who looks like the perfect age! Here are the funny results:

compatibilityWhich doesn’t mean I’ll do my best to form a relationship with any of them, especially since one has been predicted he’ll remarry within the next two years and I have no intention of getting married at this time! 😉 So I wish him all the best – well, both all the best, and will keep daydreaming and writing and drawing for the rest of the year…

I might turn half a century this year, but this doesn’t mean I’ve grown up or killed the child inside me! 😉 Here’s to a great 2015, everyone! 😀

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  1. Cute characters…especially the ox and the snake 🙂 watched chakravyuh a week back…expecting it to be a reflection of the reality in the Maoist camps…but realized that it was a romanticized version instead…yet watchable. I agree with you on the mustaches. If you like rampal, you’ll like Banaras (movie) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banaras_(2006_film)


    • well, of course it’s a movie version, it’s going to be romanticized. Happens in ALL the film industries of the world…
      I might add another title to the already long list, sigh. My next trip to London will prove a wreck for my finances! 😉



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