Random Friday

I know, I should have done this before Christmas… but well, at least you know what to ask for your birthday next year! 😀

And it’s the reading year! Again I read almost 50 books, including three anthologies (two of which I was a participating author and they’re still out there for free: Wyrd Worlds 2 and Strange Portals – go grab them if you haven’t yet).

The five stars go to (I’m giving the Goodreads links, so you can go looking for them on your preferred retailer):

Prince Charming Wanted; Dowry Seekers Kiss Off! Vidya Samson

Bras, Boys, and Blunders: Juliet & Romeo in Bahrain Vidya Samson

The ultimate inferior beings  Mark Roman

Out of tune Michelle D.Argyle

The Italian school of assassins Melissa Yin

Body Check Dave Hendrickson

Jinx and the Faery Dragons and other stories by Victoria Zigler (her Smashwords page)

Paris is a bitch (I wanted to try John Rain, and started with this short story – still have to get to the novels) Barry Eisler

The Tower Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Killer Advice Kris Rusch a.k.a Kris De Lake

The only non-fiction book is Ciao, America!: An Italian discovers the US (I read the Italian version, a loan by my father, so it’s a paper book). I love Severgnini (his Italian and English lessons are hilarious) and this one manages to tease two countries in one book – but in a nice way! Although both countries have changed since 1994-2000… There’s also the version more faithful to the original Italian title:  “An Italian in America” – that’s the first official translation from his Italian publisher.

And on my next year wishlist I have this erotic romance cause I’m curious! Unfortunately my TBR list is still quite high, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to fit it in… Happy reading! 🙂

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